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Mack Experts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “METPL”) is committed to protecting its users’ privacy. We recommend all the users of our web site to go through the following privacy policy and understand the manner in which their business and personal information will be treated, while they use our services for their benefit. This privacy policy is relevant only for the entire network of market that is operated by METPL, excluding all other companies.

Information Collection
METPL collects user information at the time of their registration on our web site (mainly to get access to the services provided by us) or at other time intervals / instances when the users are specifically requested to provide their business and personal information. At the time of registration, we ask our users to provide their name, business details, email address and other pertinent personal information. Once the user(s) get registered on our web site, s/he is no longer treated as an anonymous entity for METPL and it is believed that the user(s) has provided METPL the right to publish the relevant personal and business information throughout its market, inclusive of, but not limited to, catalogs, trade leads, business directory etc.

When you become a part of the METPL network and are requested for personal details, please note that you are sharing these details with METPL alone, unless we specifically state otherwise. Some of the promotions run on our network may be sponsored by entities other than METPL or may in some cases be co-sponsored by another company and METPL. All or some of the data gathered in the course of promotion may be shared with the sponsor. Nevertheless, it is entirely up to you whether you would like to participate in the promotion or not in case you have reservations about your data getting shared. Please note, we also collect usage statistics like browser software, pages viewed, actions taken on web site, screen resolution, number of unique visitors etc. for the purpose of our internal analysis, which in turn helps us in providing improved user services and experience.

Use of Business and Personal Information
The primary goal of METPL in collection of public and / or private information of users is to be able to provide them with a customized and enhanced experience on our web site network. This encompasses interactive communication, personalized services and other pertinent services, most of them being absolutely free of cost, while few being chargeable. Business details are normally used for correct and complete display of the concerned user’s business data in his/her listing or offerings across our web site network, in order to fetch maximum business inquiries for the user.

To be able to provide free services to its users, METPL displays advertisements based on the visitor trends and site usage statistics. METPL makes use of the business and personal information of its users to serve targeted advertisements via its customized mailers, newsletters and web sites. Furthermore, once the business and personal information of users is displayed on our network, the user can expect and may begin receiving business inquiries via normal mail, phone or email, from different sellers and/or buyers. These inquiries may or may not be of interest to the user(s). METPL in no way exercises any control over its users for sending business related inquiries to the members listed on its web site.

Information Sharing
Being its general policy, METPL will not share or disclose any personally identifiable details of the users, except in cases where METPL obtains users’ permission or in case of special circumstances like in  instances when METPL believes in good faith that it is required lawfully or as permitted by the terms of this policy. METPL does not display the email addresses of its users on the marketplace, in order to avoid any attempt of extraction by email extractors.

METPL may disclose the user account information in special cases too, when METPL has enough reasons to believe that disclosure of such information is required to contact, identify or initiate legal action against anyone who may be violating the terms of services of METPL or may be interfering with or causing injury to (unintentionally or intentionally) METPL’s rights or its property, or other METPL network web site’s users, or in case METPL deems necessary to improve, service or maintain its services and / or products. Personal information obtained by METPL may be shared or transferred in the event of sale of METPL.

Information Distribution
METPL may, from time to time, email its users information regarding its services and / or products. METPL works tirelessly to improve its marketplace tools for better personalization, better efficiency levels, innovative business matchmaking and relevancy. METPL has developed various match making tools that can be used in the market by its users to establish relevant business relationships with each other. METPL may permit direct exchange of emails between users by making use of METPLs own scripts (without the disclosure of users’ email addresses) with regard to the services and products of third parties which it feels may be of interest to METPLs users, or in case any user has expressed interest in your company for his/her business needs by making use of our paid seller-buyer contact services. All users of METPL network of web sites will be able to control their information via the administration panel available to them at Only METPL, its agents or its registered users operating under different / same confidentiality agreements will send such direct mailers. Relevancy of the exchange between different users will depend entirely on the information sought and provided by different users.

Information Updation
An METPL user may edit his/her account profile and information by logging in to our web site and / or by sending a relevant request to The changes requested may take around thirty days time to appear on the web site due to the verification procedure and sever cache policies involved. The account of any user can be deactivated or deleted, but in the event of such happening, the concerned user(s) will not be able to access any members only area of the METPl network of web sites. All residual information will remain in our archive records.

Information Protection
As in case of all information with METPL, it does not sell data in bulk to any third parties, which may be misused for unwanted / wrong practices like   bulk mailing or telemarketing. To add, METPL does not sell any of its user(s) business and / or personal information unless and until it is with due permission from the concerned user(s). Any kind of user related statistics that we may offer to prospective partners or advertisers regarding services or products usage on METPL network of web sites is offered in aggregated form only and there is no personally identifiable information of any user(s) included in it. Users can log in to in order to check the current status of the permissions related to their contact sharing.

We advise all the users of our web site that they must sign out of their METPL account(s) and shut their respective browser window(s) once they are through with their work on our web site. This is to make sure that others do not illegally access their business and / or personal information and any correspondence details, in case the user(s) is / are sharing the computer with other people or is making use of a workstation in a public area.

METPL takes all required steps, within its limits of necessity and commercial viability, to make sure that all information related to user(s) is / are treated in a highly secure manner.

However, unfortunately, owing to its vulnerability, no data that is transferred over the internet can be guaranteed and termed as 100% secure. Resultantly, while METPL strives hard to protect the business and personal information of all of its users, it can in no way absolutely ensure the security of any information transmitted to / from METPL and considers that its users do so at their own risk. Once METPL receives any transmission from its user(s), it takes the best possible steps to ensure the security of such transmission in its systems. METPLs users are however advised that whenever they post their business and / or personal information on its web site and /or network of web sites, which is publicly accessible, they might receive unsolicited messages from possibly unreliable other parties.

DoubleClick DART Cookie and Google
  • Google is a third party vendor and makes use of cookies to serve advertisements on our web site.
  • Google makes use of the DART cookie, which enables it and its partners to serve advertisements to our users based on their browsing trends on our web site and / or their visits to other web sites on internet.
  • Users can willingly opt out of the use of DART cookie by Google by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Changes in our Privacy Policy
The policy might undergo changes from time to time. Therefore, the users of our web site are advised to keep checking on a periodical basis.

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