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Five Months into Operations www.MackExperts.Com Delivers Impressive Results completes five months of operations, expands further as it delivers healthy return on investment to its member organizations

New Delhi, August 30, 2011

MackExperts Technologies, the Faridabad based company which owns the online search engine for the machine industry has announced its mid-year results, after completing six months of successful operations. Six months ago, at the time of its launch, the company CEO, Mr. Saurabh Mehta had stated that the differentiating factor between them and their competitors will be MackExperts’ intent and actions. They were committed to creating value for both buyers and suppliers in the marketplace. Mr. Mehta had emphasized that MackExperts will take all steps necessary to make sure that each one of the associated suppliers (member companies) receive the most optimum return on their investments. Today, the company has earned the trust of a large number of member companies (suppliers) and buyers from India, Canada, Germany and other parts of the world. The suppliers as promised have received impressive returns on their investment. These returns range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 Crore worth of sales via the portal.

The company has expanded its operations and now owns an office in Ghaziabad, NCR region too. The plans are well underway to open a branch in Ludhiana, Punjab soon as well. Mr Saurabh Mehta states in retrospective, “What started as a small time initiative with just one individual and a laptop is now creating value for a great multitude of people in the machinery marketplace. Six months into operations, we have started giving our partners a glimpse of what is in the offing for them in the times to come. We expect to expand our member base by continuing to do the excellent work we have been doing so far. The idea is to optimize our processes even further and provide even more visibility and reach to our clients. Our aim is to establish as the most preferred online destination for all people in the machine industry.”

About is an ambitious online venture targeted at buyers and suppliers in the machine industry. It is an online search engine meant specifically for the machine industry and offers a reliable platform to both the above mentioned parties to contact each other to explore the possible business opportunities.

For any information related to or MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., please visit the website or contact the company office at:

MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
B-459, III Floor, Nehru Ground, N.I.T. Faridabad Haryana-121001
Customer Care: 0129-4142000
Phone: 0129-4316500-01
Fax: 0129-4316502
Hand Phone:  +91-9899892747, +91-9310081968

MackExperts Technologies Launches Its Flagship portal –
MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based in Faridabad, Haryana has concluded the development of its flagship portal and will make it available for use by buyers and suppliers in the machinery industry starting March 01, 2011. The portal aims at being a strong integrating medium between buyers and suppliers in the machinery market and provides them a tangible platform to create long term value creating associations.

New Delhi, Delhi – 01/03/2011
MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has announced the launch of their flagship portal The portal will be open for use by suppliers and buyers in the machinery sector in India starting March 01, 2011.

Mr. Saurabh Mehta, CEO and Founder, MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd states, “We want to become the most trusted and value creating platform for both buyers and suppliers in the Indian machinery industry”

Following are some benefits that will be made available to the buyers:

  1. The portal features a comprehensive database of over 1,30,000 local suppliers, more than 60 different parent categories and 15,000+ unique products.
  2. The buyers can also benefit from a telephonic search facility through which they can obtain details of different suppliers offering products as per their requirements.
  3. A dedicated help centre will assist buyers in finding the best suppliers for their needs. Visitors will be able to step by step learn the complete buying process at this centre.

All the above mentioned and many more services will be available to the buyers free of any charges.
MackExperts intends to reach out to all kinds of buyers in the marketplace, ranging from buyers of big plant machineries to a college student looking for a quality pen drive. The buyers in the market presently face different obstacles such as limited variety, limited suppliers, quality concerns, budget concerns etc. in finding the right source for their requirements. MackExperts aims at solving all such problems by not being a vanilla solution provider but rather an advisor who can offer a comprehensive comparison of products based on factual information like productivity, cost per hour data, electricity consumption etc. It aims at becoming the best value creator in the marketplace instead of a plain sales search engine. 

Following is a list of some benefits that will be provided to suppliers:

  1. A well designed online showroom having a user based module where suppliers can exhibit their profile and unlimited products with their respective specifications.
  2. Priority listing facility to gain maximum number of quality leads.
  3. An in-house market research team in the form of sister concern – which can assist suppliers in marketing their products in a better way.
  4. A strong SEO team that will be able to tap on the correct target market segment with the most appropriate keywords related to suppliers’ products. The aim here is to provide only quality and targeted leads.
  5. Banner advertising
  6. Multimedia presentations
  7. E-commerce solutions
  8. Dynamic product catalogs
  9. Mini Dynamic catalog
  10. Telephone search facility to help suppliers obtain quality offline leads
  11. Consultation facility by top of the line experts in the field

The suppliers in the machinery industry marketplace face a wide range of problems related to their sales and marketing channels right now. The internet marketing companies that most of these suppliers are presently working with have the following drawbacks:

  1. Lack of knowledge of technical keywords associated with machinery industry
  2. Irrelevant and random leads nowhere related to the suppliers’ product lines
  3. Lack of website and data maintenance

MackExperts’ will work closely with all suppliers to ensure that they receive the worth of every penny they invest. In the words of Mr. Saurabh Mehta, “What differentiates us from the other so called ‘internet marketing companies’ is our intent and actions. Our intent is to create value for both suppliers and buyers in the marketplace. If we charge for some service we make sure that the suppliers receive maximum returns on their investment.”

The company plans to launch the portal first for the Delhi NCR market, followed by different parts of India and then for German, Chinese and Japanese markets.

About MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ambitious venture of technology and business experts. The company is backed by its market research sister concern –  The company’s philosophy revolves entirely around optimising the end user’s experience. It is consistently evolving its processes based on constructive feedbacks from the users and is determined to become the most trusted machinery search platform for both buyers and suppliers in the marketplace.

For more information on MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., or any of the company’s products, please visit or contact

MackExperts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
B-459, III Floor, Nehru Ground, N.I.T. Faridabad Haryana-121001
Customer Care: 0129-4142000
Phone: 0129-4316500-01
Fax: 0129-4316502
Hand Phone:  +91-9899892747, +91-9310081968

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