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Welcome to “Mackexperts care” We are happy to help U!

“Mackexperts care” is an initiative of Mackexperts with sole agenda is to help visitors with information on the market trends, buying patterns of customers, benefits to sellers & buyers and how to use the services offered. You can asses information by choose from the sections given below to get the meaningful information.

Our sole effort is to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers and bring them on one reliable platform. So whether you are a purchase manager in a seasoned company looking for big plant machinery, or just a normal student wanting to buy the best USB drive within your budget, Mack Experts will make it a cakewalk for you. 

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How to Buy ?

  • Searching Products
    • Just enter the Product Name in the Search Bar & chose search by product on any of page. To refine your search, select Country/Region. You can also browse through our more than 50 category listings by clicking on Supplier directory link on every page of
      You can use link Products Directory at the top of any page & enter product name in the search bar.
  • Searching Suppliers
    • It's easy to find suppliers on Just enter the names of suppliers in the search bar & chose search by company/Name. Simply click on the suppliers' name and you'll be directed to their Company Website.
      You can use link Supplier Directory at the top of any page & enter Supplier name in the search bar.
  • Contacting Suppliers
    • When you find a product that you’re looking for, simply click Contact Now to send an inquiry.
  • Posting Buying Leads
    • Buying Leads are like wanted ads that help the suppliers make out what you exactly looking for. It matter of few minutes to post a Buying Lead online and your inbox could be filled with quotations from qualified suppliers.
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How to Sell

  • Contacting Buyers
    • When you find the Buying Lead in your inbox of, Send them your quote direct by email to details given. Only registered Members can use this services on Join Free Now!
  • Displaying Products
    • Displaying the products has more value on any buyer¸ especially when any buyer looking for a particular product it gives a real time experience. To display your products click, sign in now or register today!
  • Company Listing
    • Company listing on is absolutely free. To get your company free listed on Mackexperts. Just Click on “Join Free Now” at the bottom of any page, fill the respective details.
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Login/Account Settings
This section offers commonly asked details regarding your account and user login.

  • I want to change my password.
    • To change your password, please take the following steps:
    • » Click "Change Password" after signing in at
    • » Enter your current password and then enter and re-enter your new password that you want.
    • » Update
  • I want to modify my registered information.
    • To modify your registered member information (i.e., registered company name, email address, etc.) please take the following steps:
    • » Click "Manage Profile" after signing in at
    • » Change your registered information.
    • » Then Click to Update profile
  • Why am I not being able to sign in?
    • Make sure you have entered email ID and password correctly on
    • If you do not remember your correct password & email ID, click forgot password and enter the E-mail ID that you had provided at the time of registration and you will shortly receive an email from with your User Name and Password.
    • Cookies are not enabled. To enable cookies please read, what can I do about a cookie error?
  • What can I do about a cookie error?
    • If a cookie error occurs, you can take the following steps to resolve it:
    • » Internet Explorer 6.0 - Click "Tool/Internet Options"; Click "Delete Cookies" & "Delete Files"; Click "Security," and set as "Default"; Click "Privacy," and set as "Medium."
    • » Internet Explorer 5 - Click "Tool/Internet Options"; Click "Security"; Click "Internet zone." Select a security level other than "High." Or click "Custom Level," scroll to "Cookies," and then click "Enable" for both cookie options.
    • » Internet Explorer 4.x - Click "View," and then "Internet Options." Click "Advanced." Scroll to "Security." Under "Cookies," click "Always accept cookies."
    • » Netscape Communicator 4.X - Click "Edit," and then "Preferences." Click "Advanced." Check "Accept All Cookies."
    • If you are still unable to solve this problem, please locate the directory where your system is installed, e.g., "C: Windows." Then go to the sub-directory "Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files." Then delete all files named "Cookies."
    • Please reset your computer once you have finished.
  • Why should I sign out?
    • It is advisable to sign out when you finish surfing the This is to protect the confidentiality of your ID and password in case you use a shared computer.
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User Registration
Know about how and why you should register with Mackexperts and how your privacy is important to us.

  • Why should I register with
    • By registering your company with, you can associated with a perfect sales and marketing channel partner get access to various business generation tools that help you generate qualified business leads from buyers all over the globe. Your registration entitles you to:
    • List your company for Free, in relevant categories of Mackexperts. Directory. By virtue of your listing you start receiving business enquiries from buyers interested in buying your product.
    • » By registering with, you receive a username and password to reply to trade leads posted by global buyers and sellers.
    • » Subscribe to Trade Alerts (through e-mail) generated from Trade Leads platform. This makes it easier for you to track all trade lead postings and responses relevant to your business, right from your desktop.
  • How to register?
    • Registering with is absolutely free and is an easy, three step process:
    • » Click on "Join Free" link, available at the bottom of every page.
    • » Specify your password and e-mail id.
    • » Fill your company/business information & contact details and submit
    • » While we process your registration request, you can start using the features/services of network. Approved users can continue using the same username and password every time they visit or any of its network sites.
  • I am having trouble in registering
    • Our user registration process has been kept extremely simple to eliminate the possibility of a technical error. However, If you face any problem in registering your company, please retry after refreshing the page in your browser. If the problem persists, please report the problem to our webmaster.
  • Does use cookies?
    • Yes, uses cookies to offer you personalized content, record your preferences, estimate website traffic and automatic login & logout. These cookies do not harm your computer or violate your privacy. You may enable/disable cookies in your browser at your wish.
    • In case all the cookies are rejected, you might face some difficulty in using various services of and its network sites.
  • How do I change my password?
    • To change your password, please take the following steps:
    • » Click "Change Password" after signing in at
    • » Enter your current password and then enter and re-enter your new password that you want.
    • » Update
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Listing Your Company
Get information on how to list your company and what to do if your company is not listed.

  • How to get my company free listed on
    • Company listing on is absolutely free. To get your company free listed on Mackexperts, please follow the below steps:
    • » Click on "Join Free" from on bottom of any page.
    • » Select your member ID and e-mail.
    • » Fill in you contact and company details correctly.
    • » Submit.
    • It may take up to few days to free list your company. You will receive an e-mail notification once your company is freelisted.
    • Please note that you company may not be free listed if we find details submitted by you are wrong. Kindly make sure that you enter most updated and correct information.
    • Your privacy is important for and hence for it we have laid out a detailed privacy policy which protects the interests of our registered members.
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Trade Leads Help
See what are trade leads and how can you use them effectively to buy/sell products.

  • What is a Trade alert?
    • Trade Alert is a customized email that you receive when any buyer is interested in product & services that offer by you in your email id & to access full information of business leadyou have to click “Manage Lead” after sign ON
    • Subscribe to trade alert for latest business opportunities.
    • This service is available only to our registered member. Registration at is free. If you are not registered please click here to register now
  • What is "Trade Leads"?
    • Trade Leads is a tool provided to all registered members for:
    • » You can view all your business leads.
    • » You can view all your expired offer.