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Mack Experts is the most comprehensive and only dedicated B2B cum B2C local search engine for the machinery sector to be launched in India.

An ambitious venture of business and technology experts, which started as a vision to offer a value creating solution to both buyers and suppliers in the marketplace, it has taken the shape of an exciting reality, ready to benefit all.

Mack Experts’ consistent endeavour is to become your first and last choice for local machinery search. In fact we stay 24x7 on our toes to help you source just that right machine you always wanted! With a huge database of more than 1,30,000 local suppliers, 50+ parent categories and over 15,000 unique products, our sole effort is to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers and bring them on one reliable platform. So whether you are a purchase manager in a seasoned company looking for big plant machinery, or just a normal student wanting to buy the best USB drive within your budget, Mack Experts will make it a cakewalk for you.

Our technical background helps us in understanding the problems faced by buyers. Our idea is not just to become the perfect Vanilla solution for your buying needs, but also to go a step ahead and add value to your search by providing you comparisons between various products based on their inherent technologies, cost per hour, overall productivity, electricity consumption and other significant factors. We’re here not just to make a sale, but to become your guide by laying out clear-cut facts.

If you are a supplier, Congratulations! You just found the perfect sales and marketing channel partner you always wanted! No more getting ripped off by ‘so-called’ reputed internet marketing companies! We have comprehensive knowledge about the workings of this field and know all the keywords your target market might use to look out for you online. Most importantly we have the ‘Right Intent,’ the right intention to increase your sales and help you grow. Having the support of a solid SEO team, we ensure that you gain enough visibility exactly where it matters and not get just some blind leads.

The company’s whole philosophy revolves around the end user experience.  We’re constantly evolving our processes based on user feedbacks and are determined to grab that number one spot in the market very soon!

To begin your search, enter a keyword in the search box on our home page. This keyword can either be a company name or a particular product name. Thereafter, select an appropriate category to search for this keyword in our database.
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